May 2, 2013 8:15 PM by Bill Folsom

Still too dry: Water restrictions not going away soon

The recent snow and rain in Colorado Springs does not change water restrictions. "Really we entered into severe drought conditions about two years ago so this is something that's building up over a long period of time and it's going take a significant period of time to recover," said Steve Berry with Colorado Springs Utilities. The wet conditions are good, but in perspective the amount is a sip when a long deep drink is needed.

There are numerous contributing factors behind the restrictions. The snowpack which is the source of water has been below normal for two years. Storage levels in reservoirs remain at record lows. In addition, because it is so dry water is evaporating or absorbing into parched ground instead of running-off. "The soil moisture content is about 37% of what it should be," said Berry.

Storms and lower temperatures have helped conserve water. The amount saved by the community is close to a billion gallons. Despite this water managers say to plan on water restrictions through the summer.



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