Oct 16, 2010 12:20 AM by Matt Stafford

Stolen signs mean stolen campaign budget

It happens every election year, but depending on the race, stolen political signs can be a big blow to supporters.

58 signs were stolen from a campaign supporting ballot question 2 G. It's a controversial measure on whether or not to ban medical marijuana centers in Fountain. For right now though, those supporters whose signs were taken say disappearing signs mean a disappearing campaign budget.

Ken Lippincott spent Friday afternoon replacing the 58 signs his group put out Wednesday. Lippincott is the chairman for a local group called, "Yes on 2G Issue Committee."

"It was within two hours or so of our posting them that they were taken," explains Lippincott. He says they put out a couple more signs later that night, but those were taken too.

"That's what happens; torn up, tossed away," says Lippincott as he spots a wire from a discarded sign frame near his truck. Wondering if its his groups can be frustrating; those signs cost money.

"It costs quite a bit; about 7 dollars a sign," says Lippincott.

Its one thing one thing for state-wide campaigns with bigger budgets to lose the signs, but quite another for Lippincott's group.

Wednesday's theft was a big hit to their pocketbooks.

"420 dollars out of $3,000, that's a lot," Lippincott says. It came out to just shy of a 6th of their total budget, and more personal time.

For Lippincott, sure that's all frustrating, but he's more concerned with neighbors not giving others the chance to share their personal opinions.

"It's a disrespect for the process."

Lippincott says they filed a report with Fountain police, but still aren't sure who took the signs.

The theft was just under the 500 dollars that would constitute a felony, but it would still be enough for a misdemeanor charge.


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