Jan 31, 2014 9:33 PM by Leah Kraus

City overhauls snow and ice removal plan

Keeping you safe on the roadways is a top priority for plows. This storm is giving crews a chance to test out the brand new plan they have in place.

The city is overhauling the way it removes snow and ice from our streets. Their old plan involved plowing primary roads and then secondary roads, but the Streets Division says this was a problem because many schools,
hospitals and police stations are on those seconday roads. That made for a dangerous situation in the case of an emergency. The new plan hits major roads as well as emergency and school routes.

However, Streets Division Manager Corey Farkas says the plan could still be tweaked.

"I believe in a liquid program," he says. "It's never 100 percent perfect. We can always make adjustments."

Crews are also changing the way they plow residential areas. The rule used to be that there had to be at least six inches of snow to plow the area.
However, because there are so many homes on hills that are north facing and don't benefit from the sun melting the snow, they say it's an issue.

The city is now looking at plowing select residential areas as well as treating them with anti-skidding products.

Farkas says the plan is "ambitious" but that it hasn't yet required a bigger budget.



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