Jul 21, 2014 10:18 PM by Greg Dingrando

Storm water fix could be heading to the voters

COLORADO SPRINGS - If you are tired of all the storm water issues in El Paso County, you could soon be voting to pay more to fix it.

A storm water task force is trying to get communities of Manitou Springs, Green Mountain Falls, Fountain, and Colorado Springs to start working together.

Monday the task force tried to convince the Colorado Springs City Council to come on a board with a plan to create a fee that would charge everyone from residents to businesses, even non profits.

To the average resident it would be about $10 more a month.

The task force said it would at least make a dent in the $700-million worth of projects needed in El Paso County.

"What we haven't had is that money in the general fund budget to allow for a special fund to require them to spend money on storm water. This would create that," said Dave Munger with the Storm Water Task Force.

The City Council is making some tweeks to the proposal and will make a decision within the next few weeks, although the county could still move ahead without them.

If the county approves it, it would be sent to the voters in November. If the voters go for it, the $10 increase wouldn't kick in until 2016 and would be in place for 20 years.



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