Feb 20, 2012 12:38 AM by Jacqui Heinrich

Students sharing inhaler receive different punishments after investigation reveals truths

Earlier this year we reported the story of two 8th grade girls facing punishment from Lewis Palmer Middle School after sharing an inhaler during gym class. Alyssa McKinney has since returned to classes, but Breana Crites is now expelled. Further investigation revealed Breana's role in the incident was not as innocent as once perceived.

"She was bragging about it during 6th period that she had taken 11 puffs from this other inhaler...She was saying that she felt high or something," Alyssa McKinney tells News 5.

Alyssa didn't know that Briana was never diagnosed with asthma when she saw her gasping in gym class and tried to help. The empty inhaler Breana claimed belonged to her was actually stolen from a 7th grader's locker and had been used recreationally. Breana Crites will not be returning to her 8th grade class at Lewis Palmer Middle School, and is now pursuing online alternative schooling instead.



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