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May 5, 2010 10:19 AM by NBC

Study being down on new type of mammogram

Women over the age of 35, might be eligible to test a new type of mammogram being offered in several cities. It's called Tomo-synthesis, and it provides a 3-D image.

Tomo-synthesis looks like a regular mammogram machine, except that it takes multiple 3-D images are over the breast. Those images are then looped into a mini-movie that takes you through breast tissue.

Right now the clinical trial, in the Women's Imaging Center at Memorial Regional Hospital in Miami, Florida, compares 3-D reconstruction obtained through Tomosythnesis and digital flat mammogram images. Results from the trial have not been released yet.

Candidates for this study are women 35 and older, who have never had breast reduction, implants, or biopsy clips and are scheduling a screening mammogram at Memorial in Miami.



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