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Sep 15, 2013 9:34 PM by Tony Spehar -

Sunday rain leads to multiple water rescues across Colorado Springs

Heavy rain caused flooding that kept the Colorado Springs Fire Department busy on Sunday afternoon handling multiple rescue calls.

At the intersection of Siferd Boulevard and Date Street two people were trapped in a truck after attempting to drive through flood waters flowing over a bridge.

"It's well marked but every time we have rain, this is third time this year I think we've pulled people out of a washed out vehicle," explained Lt. Brian Vaughan.

The intersection has been a problem during rainstorms for years.

"Yeah you'd think they'd know for sure," said Glen Reed who has lived at the intersection for seven-years. "It says, the signs on both sides, 'don't enter when it's raining.'"

The driver of the truck ignored warning signs stating that nobody should cross the intersection during rainstorms and his truck was washed out. Firefighters lowered a truck ladder over the truck and helped the driver and a woman who was also in the truck get to safety.

"This is the worst, last year it got close, but this was the worst today for sure." Reed said of Sunday's flooding. "Last couple years it's been half a dozen times flooded across here."

The rescue on Siferd was one of many carried out by the CSFD during heavy rains on Sunday. With water overtaking roads, causing sinkholes and stranding people across the city having to rescue somebody who ignored warnings and tempted fate was the last thing they needed.

"People in creek beds, people seeking shelter in the wrong places and the water came on pretty quickly today so we've been bouncing around a lot," Lt. Vaughan described. "It's very dangerous and in this type of flowing water we don't have a lot of eddies, slow moving water, to get people out even if we throw a rope to them."

Neither of the people rescued on Siferd Boulevard suffered any injuries.

As rains continue fire fighters are urging everyone to stay cautious and alert along area creeks and remember that just a few inches of water on a roadway can be enough to wash out a vehicle.

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