Feb 5, 2012 9:47 PM by Ophelia Young

Super Bowl Super Costs

Were the bowls at your Super Bowl party just not that super this year? You're not alone--apparently, the rising cost of food was a foul to many Super Bowl party hosts.

"This bag used to be two fifty," Charlene Maneafaiga said, holding up a bag of chips. "And now it's four dollars."

The Super Bowl seems to get more expensive each year.

"We love guacamole," said Gail Zimmerman, playing with an avocado. "But this little guy here is probably twice as much as I wanna pay.
A local economist says it starts with corn and soybeans.

"Thirty percent of corn and soybeans off the food market and forced that by government control onto the bio-fuels alternative energy market," President of Farm Sector Economics Paul Prentice said.

That's why he says the price tag on tortilla chips have climbed.
He believes that's also why the price of meat seems meatier.

"Keep in mind corn as well as soybeans are feed for beef and chicken," Prentice said.

He also blames the drought in Texas. But, Prentice says the root of the problem...the federal government.

"General inflation policies of just printing way too much money," Prentice said.

The American Restaurant Association reports that corn and chicken wings have gone up by 40% in the last four years. They say ground beef is up by 60%. But Super Bowl partiers will be glad to know there is one thing that has only gone up by 6%: Alcohol.

"Raw grain mash itself to make whiskey even though that goes up--that's a small percent of the total prices of your Jack Daniels," Prentice said.

So while the food at superbowl parties may not have been super, families say the parties were.

"I think good friends and family is what's important," Muse said.



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