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May 29, 2013 11:07 AM by Marissa Torres

Superbug epidemic

Superbugs that resist all forms of treatment are killing people in numbers that are rising to epidemic proportions.

Geoffrey Symcox nearly died from a superbug infection in the hospital after surgery to remove a non cancerous polyp from his intestine.
The reasons for the near epidemic are simple - and ironic. Number one - the overuse of antibiotics which cause bacteria to mutate - change into new forms that antibiotics can no longer kill. Number 2, poor or incomplete sanitary measures.

"There are about a 100,000 deaths each year due to hospital infections which is more than breast cancer, aids and traffic accidents combined," says Dr. Daniel Usling.

As studies show - some U.S. hospitals do not isolate infected patients as often as they should - or shut down infected wards and clean them with chlorine bleach as their European counterparts do.
As a result, infections and deaths from superbugs here are rising at alarming rate.

Superbugs can infect anyone - no matter how healthy you are. There are still some ways you can protect yourself: check your hospital's infection rate ahead of time, and make sure that everyone who sees you washes their hands.



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