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Feb 20, 2013 9:54 AM by Marissa Torres

Surgical robot promises less scarring and minimal pain

Going under the knife is never easy. But now patients who need gallbladder surgery can emerge from the procedure with virtually no scarring and minimal pain.

A surgical robotic system named DaVinci makes it all possible.

"The DaVinci System is basically controlling the instruments and the surgeon is sitting on a console away from the patient and controlling the robot," says general surgeon, Dr. Khurram Kahn.

DaVinci has been around for years, but because of recent advancements, the robot is now pioneering its way through general surgery. News 5 had a front row seat to a gallbladder removal at Memorial Hospital to watch a process that's now easier than ever.

"Number one, you have more precise control of the instruments; you have a stable platform; [and] one thing that wasn't available before was 3D vision."

This robot is also capable of what's called "single site surgery," meaning it takes just one incision to get to the gallbladder.

"Going from an incision that is 7 or 8 inches long, underneath your rib cage goes down to a single 2 centimeter incision in the belly button that can't even be seen once it is well healed," adds Dr. Tiffany Willard, also a general surgeon.

Just a day after the surgery, patient Kelley Call says she was back on her feet.

"That's just mind blowing actually, that a machine went in and did the surgery....I got up the next morning, fed my animals, went on about normally.I wasn't doing my walks down to the Y like I usually do. But I was up and running for sure, and that was a surprise."

The public is welcome to test drive the DaVinci Surgical System Wednesday, February 20th at Chapel Hills Mall in Colorado Springs from 2-6pm. Doctors will be on site to answer questions.

There will also be a public event in Pueblo at Lady of America Fitness, located at 2041 Pepper Lane, from 5-6 pm, doctors will be on sight, however, the robot will not be available.



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