Apr 24, 2010 7:23 AM by Matt Stafford

Surprising snow day for some

Friday didn't bring the morning many expected.

"I'm ready for summertime," one driver said while scraping the ice off of her car window. For now, she'll have to wait.

"We didn't expect it," says Hailey Visscher, who's out enjoying a snow day, sledding. "We got up this morning and got all ready for school and looked outside and it was snowing. We got a day off."

"Sledding is something that we like to do in the winter," Lindsey Visscher adds.

But this is spring. Still, sledding today isn't something the Visschers find odd.

"Pretty normal actually, just get used to it," Lindsey adds.

Not every one took the fun approach to a snow day.

"Just working all day," one young man told a News First 5 crew in Woodland Park. He's been lugging a snow shovel from house to house. This young entrepreneur noticed a new market, just as obvious as the change in weather.

"Green and nice and then boom"

That same surprise came to many on the road as well, but not as pleasantly.

While a News First 5 crew was waiting to give a live look at weather conditions on I-25 in Monument, two separate accidents happened within 15 minutes of one another. One car lost control and hit the median around 4 p.m. Then, minutes later, another car loses control. This one hit the median as well, nearly going over into northbound traffic. However, it landed on its side, sliding into the car from the previous accident. Everyone walked away from the accidents.

As those accidents were being cleared from the Interstate, not every driver thought the conditions would be sticking around very long.

"It's going to be short lived, the sun will come out shortly," says Earl Hagans.

However, the Visschers aren't worried about Friday being the last time on the hill.

"I don't think this will be the last time that we sled," says Lindsey Visscher.

Today was a good example of the old adage, In Colorado, just wait five minutes and the weather is bound to change.



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