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The Reverend Roger Patrick Dorcy Cancer Center is a LIVESTRONG™ Survivorship Center of Excellence Community Affiliate of the University of Colorado Cancer Center Cancer Survivorship Program, a member of theLIVESTRONG™Survivorship Center of Excellence Network.
What is cancer survivorship?

Today, more than10 million Americans are currently living with, through or beyond cancer. A cancer survivor is someone with an initial diagnosis of cancer, one going through treatment and anyone post-treatment, their caregivers, family members and loved ones. Care for cancer survivors consists oflong-term follow-up surveillance, late effects management, rehabilitation, coping and counseling, health promotion and nutrition, and exercise for cancer patients after treatent.

The Lance Armstrong Foundation(LAF) believes that in the battle with cancer, unity is strength, knowledge is power and attitude is everything. From the moment of diagnosis, the LAF provides the practical information and tools to help people with cancer live life on their own terms.

As a community affiliate of the LIVESTRONG™ Survivorship Center of Excellence Network, the Reverend Roger Patrick Dorcy Cancer Center focuses on education, health and wellness activities, community outreach and post treatment survivorship research that address the issues that cancer survivor's face from the moment of diagnosis through post treatment care.

We aim to ensure that people affected by cancer live well through top quality care and survivorship excellence by: integrating pre, during and post treatment follow-up as a standard of care; developing a pilot model of post clinical care; and offering the program site as access to resources and information needed by patients, families and medical professionals in Southern Colorado.

Program Components
Education and Resources:
Community Outreach and Events:
  • Lilly Oncology on Canvas
  • Art for the Heart
  • Local, state and national speaking engagements by Lynn Spencer, program coordinator: 2007 "Yellow is Hope," Orchard of Hope Foundation Walk of Hope, Pueblo, CO; 2008 "Colorado Community Affiliate Programs of the LIVESTRONG Survivorship Center of Excellence Network," 2008 LIVESTRONG SUMMIT, Lance Armstrong Foundation, Columbus Ohio; 2008 "Fundraising Building Blocks for Survivorship," National Community Cancer Centers Program, Catholic Health Initiatives, Grand Island, Nebraska; 2008 "Cancer Survivorship, Moving to Post-treatment Care," Colorado Chronic Disease Conference, "Moving Mountains: Making a Difference in Chronic Disease Prevention and Control", Colorado Springs, CO; 2008 Co-Chair of the Colorado Cancer Coalition Conference, Grand Junction, CO.
Wellness and Exercise:
  • Healing Arts: Through this beneficial program, classes are offered continuously and at no cost to cancer patients and theircaregivers.Through a holistic approach, the Healing Artshelp the other aspects of cancer care, such as treatment, to take care of each person... body, mind and spirit. Some classes offered include meditation, tai chi, low-impact aerobics, journaling, water color, soy candle-making and others. Classes are held in the Healing Arts Room on the upper level ofthe Dorcy Cancer Center. For more information or to register for a class, call 719-557-3738.
Cancer Survivorship Research & Clinical Trials:
  • Cancer Survivorship Education and Personal Support (C-STEPS) program:
    The Dorcy Cancer Center, in collaboration with the University of Colorado Cancer Center, is excited to announce the launching of the C-STEPS program. This is the only such program for cancer survivors that is currently offered in the Rocky Mountain region. C-STEPS offers an innovative twelve-week, six-session telephone counseling program designed especially for cancer survivors who have completed treatment. The program includes two counseling modules: Healthy Options, which focuses on the importance of good food choices, physical activity and medical follow up care; and Meet the Challenge provides a simple coping model for dealing with the physical, emotional and practical challenges of survivorship.To be eligible for the study survivors must be: over the age of 21, english speaking, able to give informed consent, and not currently in active treatment.For more information, call 719-557-4548.
  • Psychosocial Concerns of Head and Neck Cancer Survivors Research Trial

This research study is a partnership between the Dorcy Cancer Center and the University of Colorado Cancer Center. Cancer survivors are faced with many challenges after treatment ends and there has been little previous research looking at the specific challenges of survivors. As part of this study, participants are asked to complete two surveys: one at a 3 month follow-up appointment and one at a 12 month appointment following cancer treatment. Eligibility requirements are: Head/Neck cancer survivor, over the age of 18, treatment included radiation therapy from the Dorcy Cancer Center, English speaking. For more information, call 719-557-4548.

The Cancer Survivorship Program is offered in the following regions:Dorcy Cancer Center in Pueblo,the University of Colorado Cancer Center, Denver Health Medical Center and St. Mary's Regional Medical Center in Grand Junction.

For more informationregarding thecancer survivorship program, contact:

Lynn Spencer
Cancer Survivorship Program Coordinator



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