Jan 5, 2012 11:32 PM by John Romero

SWAT teams face numerous dangers, situations

The shooting death of Ogden, Utah police officer Jared Francom is felt by all law enforcement. The 37 year old father of 2 was killed when he and other officers attempted to serve a search warrant in a SWAT-like situation Wednesday night.

Sgt. Mike Schaller with the El Paso County Sheriff's Office served on the county's SWAT team for nearly 5 years. He says the hardest part of the job is preparing for what is ultimately the unknown. "It's constantly evolving in to a very dynamic event with the type of stuff that's going on in your head." he explains, "You never know what you're going to get behind the door."

Earlier this year 27 year old Officer Jay Sheridan with Limon PD was also shot and killed while serving a warrant. In situations like this, law enforcement must look at every aspect of the suspect. That includes the nature of the warrant, the alleged crime and the suspect's past. "Maybe the person that we're going after is wanted for murder or there have been statements made that he or she is not going to go back to prison alive. Maybe there's the potential of a hostage situation." says Sgt. Schaller.

Ultimately officers rely on each other and ever evolving training to prepare as best they can for every situation. But when each situation is unique unto itself, the inherit danger is always at the forefront. "Maybe there's nobody in the house and maybe there's 10 people in the house. It is definitely... No matter how much research and preparation we do we're still entering an unknown situation which is very high risk." says Schaller," This job is 24/7 and 265. You never know who is going to be in that car you stop or who's going to be waiting for you at that house that you're going in to."



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