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Feb 26, 2013 9:30 PM by Siera Santos,

Tanning salons may see tougher restrictions for teens

It's estimated that 2.5-million teens visit a tanning salon at least once a year.

While many states already have laws requiring teens to get parental consent before using tanning beds, Colorado isn't one of them.

But that may soon change. On Tuesday, lawmakers heard testimony on a bill that would put restrictions on teen tanning. The proposed legislation would prohibit teens under 15 from using tanning beds without a doctor's prescription. Older teens, ages 15-17, would need also need a doctor's consent or parental permission.

Some tanning salons already require signed consent forms. Nan Rushing, owner of Bronze Bay Tanning Salon, says a new law won't affect her business since she only allows underage teenagers to tan while accompanied by a parent or guardian.

"This is nothing new for our salon. We've been doing that for years," Rushing said.

The salon industry is regulated by the state, but Rushing's consent form is not only for the teenager's protection but hers as well.

"I just think the parent needs to be informed and needs to be knowledgeable about what their children are doing," she said.



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