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Apr 17, 2011 12:26 AM by John Romero

Tax pros prepare for last minute filings

You've undoubtedly seen the numerous Uncle Sam's directing you to the nearest tax office. It's tax season crunch time and that means procrastinators. Even with tax day being extended by three days this year, many are still waiting till the last minute to file. "The last 3 days of tax season are the busiest." explains Maria Martinez with Liberty Tax Services, "A lot of people wait till the last minute to do their taxes."

Martinez says it's all too common to see people running in at the last second to file. But with that comes forgotten documents. The most common are things that can be itemized and deducted. "(People forget) their medical bills, their dental bills, their home interest and insurance they pay." she says. Many are so unprepared at this point that they are filing for extensions till October.

Martinez says she hears every excuse in the book as to why people are waiting to file, but one stands out above the crowd. "The reason that's really common this time of year is I was afraid to come in and do my taxes because I might owe." she says. Tax pros say that's the worst mistake one can make because you may face a lot more headaches and money out of your pocket when all is said and done. "It's really important to come in and do it. Don't be afraid to come in and do it." sys Martinez, "f you owe it's better to find out now than to take a chance on owing penalties and interest if you're late." Monday at midnight is the deadline for getting your taxes in.



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