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Jan 31, 2013 8:09 PM by Annie Snead

Teachers First: Allison Nygren

It's phys-ed teacher Allison Nygren's ability to put kids first that led one of her co-workers to nominate her for our "Teachers First" award.
We went to Air Academy High School to find out what makes her such a memorable teacher.
"How she teaches her classes makes it evident to them that she really cares," said fellow teacher Julie Millhauser.
Millhauser nominated P.E. teacher Allison Nygren because she says she holds kids accountable and puts their needs first.
"Their health, well being and just learning," added Millhauser.
Nygren says teaching is her passion and she loves what she does because she's able to watch the kids grow and learn life skills.
"One other big thing in this class we focus on is character and trust and team building things and I love for them to come out of my class with that extra confidence," Nygren said.
She says the kids are doing stuff that could be scary to them, like a ropes course 30 feet in the air, but she loves seeing that self accomplishment they feel afterwards.
Seniors Riley Wuertz and Tucker Dangremond say she creates a great environment for the whole class.
"There's a lot of leadership skills we learn from the class like keeping each other accountable for being safe also just working as a team," said Wuertz.
Nygren even keeps in touch with past students.
"They love to send me videos or text me what they've done "I've just climbed a 14-er or I just did this mountain" so it's kind of fun to keep in touch that way," she said.
It's gaining her students trust and teaching them to encourage each other that makes Allison Nygren one of our "Teachers First".
"They always say they come out of my class with having a family, that's my most important thing is that they are just bonding and taking care of each other," she said.
If there's a teacher like Ms. Nygren at your child's school, we'd love to hear about them.
Here's a link to nominate them:


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