Jun 17, 2010 5:27 PM by Matt Stafford

Teachers First honors Ivana Seligova

Math is a subject many of us tried to avoid in school, but some Mitchell High School students that once hated the subject now say they love it. They say it's because of their teacher.

Math can get complicated quickly, and for many students it can feel like no matter how many times you check, the answer still comes out wrong. However, that's the challenge Ivana Seligova takes on in the classroom everyday, teaching Calculus and Algebra at Mitchell High School.

"I cannot think of a better job for me," Seligova says, adding that she loves what she does for a living.

Originally part of a teacher exchange program from Slovakia, she's a now a main stay at Mitchell High. Her students say she's also passing along important lessons to her students as they prepare for college.

Out of all the lessons she has taught in class, there is one she wants to come across clear. Her students are picking up.

"Put that extra effort in and get done what needs to be done to understand the subject." Kailey Morford, a calculus student who says Seligova's help has been the reason for her improvement in Math.

Students compliment the teacher on giving her time for extra tutoring during the lunch hour and even on weekends, but for Seligova it's all to make a simple point -- if you want to do it you can, you just have to work hard.

"They're (the students) very motivated to work with her and to please her because they know how much she is invested in them." says Larry Cutter, principal at Mitchell H.S.

That close relationship is what Seligova says is the crux of getting past the tough work in her class, sticking with the challenge together.

"The teaching profession is not about how well you are prepared as a teacher; meaning not only about your credentials but it's about your heart." Seligova says.

Seligova's heart is what makes her this month's Teachers First award winner.

You can still nominate great teachers during the summer months. To nominate, click here.


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