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Mar 5, 2013 10:02 AM by Maddie Garrett

Teachers Team Up to Write Grants When Budgets Get Tight

When budget cuts make it impossible to get new technology in the classroom, a group of teachers at the Lincoln School of Science and Technology in Canon City decided to take matters into their own hands. They've teamed up with their principal and started writing grants for the small school.

"We're always looking for something that's innovative, something that's different," said Lincoln's science and technology teacher, Mary Ann Smith.

But that innovation doesn't come cheap, and Lincoln is short on cash.

"So now we're in 2013 still trying to educate children with the same funding (we had) 11 years ago," said Principal Tammy DeWolfe.

But Lincoln's teachers weren't about to settle for the status quo, and they started meeting at least once a month to find different ways to bring in more money. They found a way through writing grants.

"We can't depend on our school budgets anymore and we have to find a resource to help us continue what we started a couple years ago," explained Mary Ann Smith.

But competing for grants can be difficult when it's a small school like Canon City's Lincoln School. Sometimes the school is left empty handed.

"We have probably written more grants than we have not been accepted," Smith said.

Principal DeWolfe explained, "it is a challenge when larger districts have potentially grant writers for the district and we have teachers working a full time job and still trying to write grants on the side."

But their hours of work are paying off, they've already won a $40,000 grant and a $2,200 grant from the Morgridge Family Foundation, and were able to purchase the technology they so desperately needed. This included getting interactive Promethean White Boards, EEE-Pad Tablets and special remote clickers that allow students to answer questions by texting in their response.

Smith said she was "just stunned" when they were accepted for the grant.

"That kind of grant affects hundreds of children, thousands of children, over the course of several years," DeWolfe added.

And the school says this is only the beginning for them. The teachers are working on applying for more grants, and their efforts have also sparked additional fundraising.

Lincoln has also raised $53,887 in donations, making the total money raised $96,087 since 2009.



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