Aug 6, 2012 1:42 AM by Jacqui Heinrich

Teen girl missing, rescued in Fremont County

Runaway cases are filed every day, some more serious than others. Sunday, deputies in Fremont County felt one runaway case required pulling out multiple resources to search for a missing teen girl.

It was a worrisome situation early Sunday morning in Fremont County. Cynthia, a 14-year-old girl staying with relatives on the Custer County line had an argument, packed her bags, and left the house at about 5:00 AM. It was a physical condition she has that made officials at the Fremont County Sheriff's Office worry she might not make it through the rugged terrain alone, especially if she wasn't found by nightfall.

About thirty search and rescue volunteers were called out; they serached for eight hours to find her using dog teams. At one point, officials even called for air support from Buckley Air Force Base in Denver. Luckily Cynthia was found around 3:00 PM, less than a mile from her house.

Captain Don Pinover of the Fremont County Sheriff's Office told News 5, "She deliberately left the residence and typically we wouldn't call a search and rescue team out in a situation like this, but it's a fairly remote area, pretty rugged terrain up there, she had never been up there before-- she was just visiting. And theres a lot of old abandoned structures, a lot of rattle snakes in the area."

Rattle snakes, mountain lions, and cooler temperatures with nightfall were the main concerns, but disorientation was also a worry. In the steep mountain terrain of Custer County, it's easy to get turned around. Cynthia was actually trying to find her way back home-- regretting her decision to run away-- when she was located. She was confused and scared, not knowing which direction she came from.

Pinover says Sunday's event was one instance where the 'system worked'; Cynthia was found quickly and unharmed. However, it's a reminder to those venturing into the woods to be prepared, since it's easy to find yourself in a dangerous situation.



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