Apr 7, 2011 12:26 AM by John Romero

Teen sentenced in murder case

After a month long trial, 15 year old Daniel Gudino was convicted of trying to kill his mother back in 2009. But the jury could not agree on a first degree murder conviction in his nine year old brother, Ulysses'' death. Wednesday before he was to be sentenced, Gudino's 1st degree murder charge was changed to criminally negligent homicide and he pleaded guilty. He will now spend between 3-5 years in a juvenile facility for all of his crimes.

During the trial the teen was found to suffer from schizophrenia. During the two years he has been in jail awaiting trial he was denied what his defense called "proper mental health treatment". Now by going to prison for his crimes, Gudino's defense attorney Noreen Simpson says he will get the treatment he needs. "It's tragic that a child can only receive that level of treatment through the Division of Youth Corrections." she says.

Simpson also fears the plea will haunt him long after he leaves the system. "There are long term consequences for children who have juvenile adjudications even though they are in juvenile court and they're considered adjudications as opposed to convictions." she explains.

As for his family, they told the judge they will continue to stand by Daniel as he struggles to recover from mental illness. And though Daphne Burlingame, a family representative, they say they're ready for the healing to finally begin. "They're very glad for the opportunity for their son to get the treatment that he really needs and for them as a family to be able to do the healing that they need to do." she says.



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