Mar 29, 2014 10:02 PM by Tony Spehar

Teen uses swapping to turn lego into car donated to Black Forest charity

BLACK FOREST - A local teenager turned a school project, and a single lego brick, into a special donation to a local charity helping Black Forest fire survivors.

Starting with a rare purple lego Wes Crockett began trading up for more valuable items, in February he had traded up to a 50-inch plasma screen television and a home gym.

"I just kept trading up and eventually I got to two snowmobiles and a trailer," Crockett explained. "Then I sold all of that and got $2,000."

A teacher had encouraged him to use his trading talents to help the community, so originally he planned to use half the money he gained to buy himself a car and half he would donate to Black Forest Crosses For Losses.

Crosses for Losses offers aid in the form of food, clothing, appliances and furniture that is given out to those who lost their homes in 2013's Black Forest Fire. They've given out thousands of dollars worth of donations since opening 9-months ago.

"I just prayed to God, put it in his hands and decided that he'll figure it out and he did," Crockett described. "He said like to give them the whole $2,000."

On Saturday he donated a retired ambulance he bought from a man in Walsenburg.

"We're going to use this for our disaster response vehicle, we all know again that fire season is coming," explained Crosses for Losses Founder Amanda Davis. "We offer a very valuable component to helping these people recover in the very beginning stages as well as some help long term with that."

Crockett's donation will help not only survivors of the Black Forest Fire, but other disaster survivors. Crosses for Losses has begun offering aid to those in trouble across Southern Colorado, recently they helped survivors of the fire at the Devonshire Square Apartments in Colorado Springs. Now they can do it in a single vehicle designed for similar purposes.

"That's huge," said Amanda Davis."You don't get to hear those feel good stories about kids as often as we'd like to these days."

Crockett doesn't regret that he'll have to wait a little longer to buy himself a car.

"It felt great," Crockett said of the donation. "I knew something like this would happen, something big for them."

Wes Crockett still has some purple legos and other donated items, he plans to use them to try and get himself a car to drive when he turns 16 in May.



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