Dec 2, 2011 8:57 PM by Trovette Tottress

Teller County investigation of sexual assault continues

Karen Clark spent her night behind bars for allegedly abusing a 15-year old girl. The arrest comes just days after her husband Bruce Clark committed suicide near this lake in Florissant. He was under investigation for sexually abusing a teenager. Karen Clark was arrested after police conducted a search warrant of her home. They say the evidence shows that Karen was involved in the sexual abuse of a teenager for well over two years.

"We had an ongoing investigation for over two weeks now. We were very successful in serving a search warrant in obtaining evidence in this case that helped us ultimately get an arrest warrant against Karen Clark", said Sheriff Mike Ensminger.

Today we went by the Clark home to get a statement but our knocks went unanswered. However, we did speak with Karen on the phone Sunday. She stated that she and her husband were only trying to help the 15 year old victim.

"When she came to our house seeking refuge from her brothers supposedly beating up on her, you know, different things...he just wanted to kind of let her have a safe port in her storm", said Karen Clark.

She says that's when the teenager started making up lies.

"She's a teenager, she lives in a fantasy world. We tried to teach her that stories can get you and other people in big trouble. You have to remember to tell the truth", said Karen Clark.

But investigators say they have evidence that proves the all edged victim is telling the truth. They say their mission now is to shield her.

"We have a duty in teller county, or in any county for that matter to protect the integrity of our victim", said Sheriff Mike Ensminger.


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