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Aug 2, 2014 11:36 AM by John Dissauer

Temperatures Stay Below Normal

Update 6:25pm:  Temperatures topped out in the 70's and lower 80's today.  The high reached 83° in Pueblo making today the eighth consecutive day with temperatures below 90°.  This is the longest steak for July/beginning of August in 19 years.


The International Space Station will fly over southern Colorado Saturday evening.  It will be visible for six minutes starting at 9:34pm MT.  It will start in the southwest sky and exit the east-northeast sky.  It starts exactly on time.  If you think you see it a minute or two early, that isn't it.

Seeing the ISS fly over is a neat family activity.  Grab the kids, the husband/wife and head outside and look up to the southwest sky. - Meteorologist John Dissauer

Update 9:36am:  Below normal temperatures will continue throughout most of the weekend.  The normal high temperature in Colorado Springs is 83° and 91° in Pueblo.

High temperatures this afternoon should be in the 70°s and 80°s.

There will be a chance for a couple of isolated showers and/or thunderstorms during the afternoon, but the overall chance will be low... Only 15%.  The best chance for rain looks to be in the southern Sangre de Cristo mountains.

I'm taking rain out of the forecast for Sunday.  Under mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies, temperatures should be a couple degrees warmer as compared to Saturday.  Highs will be in the 80°s.


Interesting to look at the numbers over the previous week.  Through Friday, August 1, Pueblo has had seven consecutive days below 90°.  While having a couple days below 90° is common, having such a long streak isn't.

The current streak is the longest for July/beginning of August in 19 years (1995).  If our forecast verifies (doesn't it always?!), the streak would end at nine days.  This would make for the longest streak of temperatures below 90° for July/beginning of August in 43 years (1971).

I'm guessing you will see the benefits in the cooler weather reflected in your next electricity bill.


Now that we are in to August we can look back at what was July 2014.  Overall, the month was relatively wet for southern Colorado.  Here are a few findings for Colorado Springs and Pueblo.

Colorado Springs:


  • 4.63" of rain.
  • July 2014 ranks 2nd highest in last 16 years.
  • July 2014 ranks 9th highest in previous 67 years.




  • 3.28" of rain.
  • July 2014 ranks 2nd highest in 18 years.
  • July 2014 ranks 8th highest in previous 61 years. 



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