Aug 4, 2012 7:31 PM by Lacey Steele

Tenants speak out about horrible conditions at Pueblo apartment complex

Tenants in an apartment building in Pueblo have been told to leave because of horrible living conditions, and they have to be out by Monday morning at eight.

The apartments are in a converted home on Carteret Avenue, near Northern and Lake.

We talked to folks who live there and say conditions are unbearable.

"It's really bad, really bad," said Arturo Vargas, who just moved from Texas.

Vargas says he and his family needed a place to stay quickly when they moved three months ago.

"There's mice, roaches, everything, all rodents you could ever imagine," said Vargas. "I don't know why they never called some type of pest control to take care of the problem."

Children and adults live there around mold, roaches, and rodent droppings.

Plus they haven't had hot water for awhile.

As far as bed bugs, Vargas says they try to clean.

"Two-hundred dollars, a hundred dollars, on chemicals, on alcohol, on cleaning the walls, the blankets," said Vargas. "Washing. It's an everyday thing."

But he adds, not all of the tenants can do that.

"Sick and ill, and they've been very neglected," said Vargas. "They've been so neglected."

Some say they've been told there's asbestos in the basement, so they're worried about safety.

As for the landlord, Thomas Tienda....

"I never saw anybody," said Vargas, "The only people that came by was, I guess, his brother, but he only showed up just to pick up the rent."

Many tenants say they believe Tienda is in jail and add nothing ever gets fixed at the apartment.

Posada is helping relocate people who live there, but since other apartment complexes are aware of the bed bug problem there, some tenants say they're having trouble finding a place.

Jail records do show a Thomas Tienda in the Pueblo County Jail on a charge of bribery, among others.

No word yet as to if this is the same man as the landlord.

Tenants say both the health department and code enforcement came by recently and in the past few months, which is why the decision was made for them to leave.

We'll update you on this as it becomes available.


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