Apr 23, 2014 8:06 AM by Bethany Rhodes

Texas student told to leave Bible at home

A second-grader in Cypress, Texas was told that she couldn't read her Bible in the classroom during an independent reading session. Her teacher also told her to not bring it back.

Parents in the area are outraged. Concerned parents went to the Liberty Institute to find out if the child is allowed to bring a Bible to school. They responded by saying that she is and are sending letters to the principal and superintendent.

Representatives from the school district said that the Bible does not qualify as a 'Just Right' book and released the following statement:

"During a student's independent reading time, students are required to read a book that is "Just Right." A "Just Right" book is when the student can read most of the words, comprehend the text and that the book is appropriate for the type of text or genre that is being taught. As such religious material, including the Bible, that meets these guidelines would be permissible for a classroom assignment and/or independent reading."



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