Mar 2, 2011 7:57 PM by Stephanie Collins

Texting and driving enforcement update

For more than a year now it's been illegal in Colorado to text and drive; and for anyone under 18 they can't use their cell phone at all, while driving.

Since the law went into effect in December 2009, officers in Colorado Springs have given out just 40 tickets. They haven't handed many out because they look at a lot of factors before deciding to pull someone over, "Are they in heavy traffic, are they not paying attention, weaving over the lines? That's who were going to stop," Says Officer Donald Hopkins.

You're not in the clear though if you're texting and following all other traffic laws. Texting and driving is a moving violation and a primary offense, so you can be pulled over just for typing on your phone.

Hopkins adds that it's all about making our roads safer. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety says you're four times more likely to get in an accident when using a hand held device. When it comes down to proving if you were texting and driving, Officer Hopkins adds that they know what questions to ask to figure out what you were doing on your phone.

The texting and driving law makes pretty much anything you do on your phone, besides talking, illegal. Officers ask that you pull off to the side of the road if you have to text or do any other activity that's going to distract you.


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