Mar 2, 2011 10:45 PM by John Romero

Texts may reveal more about murdered woman's death

More is being uncovered about the relationship between Chris and Amara Wells. Chris is being held on charges that he possibly solicited three men to kill Amara, his estranged wife, last Wednesday just outside Castle Rock. We've found hundreds of text messages between the pair. They were part of a violation of Chris Well's probation and handed over to investigators by Amara days before she and her brother in law were killed.

In the texts, Chris repeatedly insults Amara on everything from her weight to her income. Nearly each one is quickly followed by an apology. We showed them to Jeneen Klippel-Worden with Gateway Battered Women's Services. She says it's classic domestic abuse behavior.

"One minute they're trying to get back together with you and love you. The next minute you're the most horrid person alive and nobody would love you and they don't want anything to do with you," she explains.

In fact, Chris Wells was arrested and charged for felony menacing in a domestic violence case in August 2010.

Klippel-Worden says by constantly insulting and apologizing, the aggressor can keep the victim off guard. "It's very hard for somebody who is experiencing that to make sense of that," she says. "That's exactly what a perpetrator wants."

And when those insults go too far, Worden says that's when disaster happens. "I know how these can escalate...I've seen it time and time and this is one of those cases where it did escalate."



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