Nov 10, 2011 11:29 PM by John Romero

Three arrested in vicious assault on elderly

20 year old Darryl Lynch is sitting in a jail cell after a crime that left an entire community in shock.

On October 28th an elderly couple in their 70's were brutally attacked after 3 men kicked in the door to their south side home and viciously beat the 2 with pistols. Investigators say Lynch and 2 teenagers stole a number of collector's guns from the couple, leaving them for dead. The sight of seeing the couple beaten stayed with detectives. "There's not a lot of extreme violence like this. So when it does happen, I don't know if you would call it personal or what but we took it personally." explains Sgt. Dale Fox with CSPD.

Police tell us they immediately put other investigations on the back burner and made this their priority case. As they combed the neighborhood they found the couple's grandchildren may have known Lynch and the teens. The case came together quickly. "The heat was on by the day after this." explains Fox, "We were already working it that day, but by the second day we already had some ideas and names. They were feeling the heat."

The investigators trail led them straight to Lynch. Now he's facing a slew of charges. Investigators know it won't change what happened, but they're glad to get the 3 suspects off the streets. "That was our goal, to keep them from doing any others and to put them away." says Fox.

Darryl Lynch faces charges of aggravated robbery, first degree assault on an at-risk adult, first degree burglary, conspiracy and theft. Additional firearms charges may be filed as well. He's being held at the El Paso County jail on a $100,000 bond. The names of the two teenage suspects aren't being released.



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