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Mar 29, 2013 12:01 PM by Stephen Bowers

Thursday marked Holly tornado anniversary

March 28, 2007 was just six years ago, but on that Wednesday evening a tornado surprised the southeastern Colorado town of Holly.

Data from the National Weather Service indicates the tornado was one of just five in a four-day-long outbreak to achieve a ranking of EF-3, meaning winds were in the range of 138-167 mph. In all, more than 80 tornadoes touched down in nine different states, including Colorado.

The tornado left behind extensive damage, cutting a 28-mile-long path that was a half-mile wide. Two people were killed and at least nine were injured. Twenty homes were destroyed, and dozens more damaged. Damage estimates were over $4 million.

While tornadoes are not as common in Colorado as in other nearby states, looking back on this tornado reminds us that tornadoes can and do occur within the state. The thought that the mountains protect Colorado from tornadoes is untrue. In fact, just last year a tornado touched down atop Mount Evans. Within Colorado tornadoes are most numerous in the Plains, but they do happen along the I-25 corridor as well. According to the National Weather Service 19 tornadoes have hit El Paso County and ten tornadoes have hit Pueblo County since 1995.



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