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Jul 31, 2011 7:41 PM by Dr. Anya Winslow

Tickets for not boosting your kid

Tomorrow marks the one-year anniversary of the expanded child passenger safety law in Colorado and police will be issuing hefty tickets for those that don't comply.

Under the old law, kids under the age of 6 needed to be strapped into a booster seat while riding in the car. Now, kids 8 and under need to be riding in a booster seat.

Law enforcement will start issuing $82 dollar citations if they see that your child is not properly restrained.

The change in the law is in response to a recent study conducted between 2006-2010 which showed kids, ages 4 though 7, died in car accidents in Colorado, and 55% of them were not properly bucked-up or improperly buckled.

Child safety advocate, Maile Gray, of Drive Smart Colorado says, "A Booster seat saves lives. A properly fitting booster seat reduces the chances of injury and death by nearly 50%."

One of the most obvious indicators that shows your child needs to be in a booster seat is if while they are sitting all the way back in the seat of the car, without a booster, and their knees do not come to the edge of the seat.

Laura McGuire-Kent stresses the importance of your child's height versus age in determining whether or not to take them out of the booster. It's recommended that your child be 57 inches or taller before allowing them to use the car seat belt without the booster.

There are many organizations that can help you determine if your car and/or booster seat are installed properly, as well as to help you determine if your child needs a booster and what type.

To find a car seat fit station closest to you click here.


You can also schedule an appointment with the Kohl's Cares Car Safety Program, which is a partnership with Memorial Hospital for Children, which is also free, by calling 719-365-5834.  Click here for more information about the program.


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