Apr 25, 2011 9:01 PM by John Romero

To shoot or not to shoot....

Friday a man was shot in Colorado Springs. He eventually died. The person behind the gun was a Colorado Springs Police Officer.

To shoot or not to shoot is a choice no officer wants to make. Colorado Springs Police train to make the decision regularly. Part of that training includes looking at state and local laws along with court cases. "An officer or a citizen in the State of Colorado can utilize deadly force when they reasonably believe that someone's life is in danger of death or serious bodily injury." explains Sgt. David Edmondson with the Colorado Springs Police Department. He trains at CSPD's Academy.

In Friday's case police say the suspect was already firing off rounds and pointed his gun at a nearby home, posing a threat to neighbors and officers alike. The suspects mother called News First 5. She identifies him as 22 year old James Guy.

There's not much time to make a decision. "Someone takes a gun and says I'm going to shoot this person and does an action of raising up (a gun). A reasonable person can assume he says he's going to do it. He has the means to do it." says Edmondson.

In that split second an officer must make a choice. "We don't have time to time to allow so see if he's serious or not." explains Edmondson, "Therefore we take action appropriately with reasonable action as we see necessary." Springs Police say it's an action they don't take lightly and hope they never have to make that choice. But when it's time, the publics safety is first and foremost. "The expectation of the public is that we stand up and do what's necessary to protect them and ourselves by the use of force." says Edmondson.

The officer who allegedly shot Guy remains on paid administrative leave.



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