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Jul 17, 2013 9:44 AM by Stephen Bowers

Tornado count near record lows

After the powerful and deadly tornadoes in Oklahoma this past spring, this may be hard to imagine, but data from the National Weather Service indicate that the number of tornadoes so far this year is not only below average. The numbers are also near record lows.

The graph below from the National Weather Service plots tornado numbers. The black line on the graph shows the number for this year up to July 15. The red line shows the maximum number of tornadoes from any year. The pink line shows the minimum number from any year. The other lines show the "middle ground."

What we are seeing is the tornado count for this year up to July 15 is near the all-time minimum.

So far, just 559 tornadoes have been reported this year. That's less than 60 more than the record minimum, and the record highest tornado counts are more than three times our current number.


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