Jun 9, 2014 12:49 AM by Kelsey Kennedy

Tornado Devastates Lake George Cabins and RV Park

Sunday's tornado devastated an RV Park in Lake George, where multiple families had been living. The Gleghorn family bought Lake George Cabins and RV Park less than a year ago. They had just finished renovating most of the cabins.

"Everything was completely annihilated in a flat second," says Heidi Gleghorn.

She saw the funnel cloud forming and thought it best to leave, but there was no time. She and others in the park hunkered down inside the lodge.

"I looked out and the tornado was right there. So I grabbed my dog and ran to the lodge," says resident David Joiner.

"The next thing you know, things start slamming against the house," says Heidi. "The trees are coming up, the trailers are flipping. It was completely insane."

They say the tornado took less than a minute to tear through, not only flipping trailers, but turning lives upside down. Six of the park's seven trailers are completely destroyed. Amazingly, nobody was seriously injured.

The Gleghorns say they would like to rebuild, but it's just too soon to say where they'll go from here.

"The homes are destroyed, our well and septic system were destroyed," Heidi says. "I just don't know, but I can't imagine giving up on it."

They told me they've already seen an outpouring of support from their small community. Everyone has places to stay and there are plenty of hands to help clean up.



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