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May 2, 2014 11:48 AM by Stephen Bowers

Tornadoes not limited to the U.S. this week

We have heard of the impacts of tornadoes in the U.S. this week and how they have devastated thousands. What we have not heard is tornadoes were also touching down in Italy on Wednesday.

Severe Weather Europe, which issues severe weather forecasts and reports on severe weather occurrences for Europe, reports conditions were not especially favorable for the tornadoes, but storms began forming near Bologna, Italy. That storm formation was along a dry line, which came together with outflow boundaries from earlier storms and a sea breeze, a convergence of boundaries often called a "triple point" by meteorologists.

Tornadoes in Italy are not exactly uncommon. Dr. Greg Forbes, a severe weather specialist for The Weather Channel and Weather Underground, says Italy has the sixth highest number of tornadoes of all nations that report tornado numbers.

According to Severe Weather Europe, Wednesday's severe weather produced "numerous" tornadoes in northern Italy between Modena and Bologna. Reports of damage, injuries, and the intensity of the tornadoes were not available.

Video below from the Italian media site YourReporter.IT is of a tornado as it hit Nonantola, Italy. 


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