Jul 22, 2014 8:32 PM by Lena Howland

Tourists flock to Pueblo for recreational pot

The numbers are in and recreational marijuana sales in Pueblo are breaking records.

Sales reached $1.6 million for the month of June.

Pot shops in Pueblo County have been averaging about $1,000,000 in sales every month.

A surge in pot tourism is helping Pueblo County's cannabis economy.

It's the first time Jim Smith has ever purchased recreational marijuana.

"We were in New Mexico so we thought we'd come up and visit the recreational sales place," Jim Smith, a Florida resident said.

Vacationing in New Mexico... but he lives all the way in Florida.

"I otta be able to drive to my Walgreens and the store be next door just like the liquor store! Absolutely! Is it inconvenient? Yeah! I planned this trip for a year!" Smith said.

Many other out-of-towners are joining him, visiting Pueblo just to purchase pot for the first time.

 "We see a lot of tourists that are coming from all over the United States just to come to Colorado actually Pueblo for marijuana and then for those reasons, a lot of tourists say it's on their bucket list," Ieshea Jiron, manager of "The Spot" said.

So many tourists came through last month that sales have actually spiked to $1.6 million in the month of June.

"We get so many people in here and they just want to ask questions and they want to spend time with us and they want to be educated and they want to understand what this is about and what we're trying to do here," Jiron said.

"I used to come to Colorado a lot to ski, snowboard, hike, white water rafting. So Colorado is a great state to come to and now, it's even better," Marc Brannigan, a Pueblo resident said.

With folks from Texas... among some of the most common visitors.

"A lot of the residents there don't think they're ever going to legalize but most of them hope that they do so they don't have to make the 14 hour drive here... but we don't mind seeing them," Jessica Rodriguez, manager of Cannasseur said.

And dispensary managers tell us the average age of a tourist stopping by is about 55.

"Back in their day, they didn't have this high potency, top shelf kind of thing, so they're kind of blown away by that," Rodriguez said.

"I'm kind of looking forward to having a little marijuana back in my life," Smith said.



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