Dec 19, 2013 4:22 PM by David Randall

Toy giveaway in jeopardy

DENVER - Every year the Delta Eta Boule organization gives out thousands of toys to hundreds of kids, but this year the giveaway may not happen.

The event is scheduled for Saturday, but the toys they depend on from Toys for Tots likely won't make it in time.

The Marine-run organization says they have 20,000 fewer toys this year than last. Part of the reason is a shortage in federal funding that helps with everything from storage to man power.

The organization says they're behind in getting toys out, which means at least one non-profit may not receive them in time for their event.

Staff Sgt. Pete Leyva is the organizer for Toys for Tots. He says he and his team of five Marines start organizing the event in September, but because of sequestration, they started a month late.

Leyva says because of the late start, they weren't able to collect as many toys and are behind in passing them out to the nonprofits who have registered.

"We get with the organization and we try to fill as many organizations that give back out to the community as we can. I'm trying to do it as fair as possible. I'm going from the top of the list to try and fill those," Leyva said.

Since the end of November, Levya and his team have filled 114 requests but they still have 128 more to go before Christmas. Leyva says there are about 55 other nonprofits ahead of the Delta Eta Boule, which means there is a slim chance they'll receive the nearly 2,000 gifts they requested.

"Last year we were able to hand out about 2,500 toys and 80 bikes. It is so amazing. There are so many families that wouldn't have anything to offer their kids on the day of Christmas. If we are not able to receive the toys by Saturday morning, we will have to cancel the toy giveaway," Delta Eta Boule organizer Kisha Garvin said.

Anyone who is interested in donating toys for the Delta Eta Boule giveaway can do so by contacting Kisha Garvin at 720-232-0569 or by dropping off toys at the Hiawatha Davis Rec Center at 3334 Holly Street in Denver.

Leyva says anyone who would like to volunteer for Toys for Tots can stop by the Warehouse on 16304 East 32nd Avenue in Aurora between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.



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