Apr 10, 2014 7:14 PM by Leah Kraus

Toyota recall issues might not be as bad as you think

Toyota recently announced they are recalling millions of vehicles for a variety of problems involving steering, air bags, and seating.

News 5 went to a local Toyota dealership looking for answers on what to do if your vehicle is affected.

"The National Transportation Safety Administration is now required to issue preemptive notices," says Toyota of Colorado Springs General Manager Jay Frank. "It seems like it's a little overwhelming but really what it is, is Toyota going overboard in regards to anything that could possibly go wrong."

In simplistic terms, the problem probably isn't as bad as you think. Frank says Toyota is being extra cautious with your safety.

If you think something is wrong with your car, the most important thing is to call the dealership rather than sit on it. This is especially true if your vehicle isn't
functioning correctly.

"If all of a sudden [your car] doesn't accelerate beyond 40 mph, that's a preemptive measure for your safety and that's something where you would definitely need to come into the dealership immediately."

Frank says avoid scheduling appointments on weekends if you can, as dealerships can be understaffed those days.



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