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Jun 1, 2011 8:01 PM by Stephanie Collins

Training and working as a team to save lives at Memorial Hospital

The Emergency Department at Memorial Hospital is the busiest in the state with approximately 100,000 visits per year; 2,000 of those are people with a traumatic injury.

Being that busy, the Trauma Team at the hospital has to be at their best, all the time, so they practice with life-like trauma situations every month, "You can't look at it as a fake situation; you have to look at it for real. This is a real patient and this is really what we have to do," says Deborah Fisher, an Emergency Dept. Technician at Memorial.

The victims are very realistic, computerized mannequins. They talk, have a blood pressure, breathe, bleed and more, "We can regulate blood pressure, so he could come in with a normal blood pressure then we can watch it drop right in front of us," explains Dan Lauer, a Registered Nurse at Memorial.

While the patients aren't real, the doctors, nurses, techs and others involved take it very seriously; after all they're training and fine tuning their skills for when they have to help a real victim, "We want the public to have confidence in us. We want them to know that we know what were doing and you can bring your loved on in here, or if you're sick or critically injured, we know absolutely what were doing," says Lauer.

It's all about learning to work as a team, to save lives. Those who participated, say today's drill went really well.



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