Feb 5, 2010 1:46 PM by Matt Stafford

Training to protect

2010 will be a big year for Fort Carson. Several units are planning for deployment.

Traveling in a war zone can be tough, and moving leaders can be even tougher. The Protective Services Detail team has that job and they will be leaving for Afghanistan in about a month.

As they train for upcoming deployment. News First 5's Matt Stafford had a chance to participate in the training by playing the role of a leader they'll be transporting.

"This mission will be a daily mission, sometimes 3 or 4 missions a day," says Lt. Eric Steffen, officer in charge for the Protective Services Detail team with the 43rd Sustainment Brigade.

This busy, and dangerous, mission isn't one these soldiers have to join, they're all volunteers.

"A lot of these guys have jobs that would never take them out of the wire and they volunteer to go into harms way everyday," says Lt. Steffen.

Spc. Juan Vasquez, with the 43rd Sustainment Brigade knows that feeling. "I saw the opportunity to actually do something worthy for my country and for somebody. I just volunteered and said yes, why not?"

Despite the danger, they've had no trouble getting volunteers.

Work on the ground in Afghanistan will be like the drill, just more hectic soldiers say. Multiple vehicles in formation pull up and all angles are covered. After the area is checked and secured, the people being transported are rushed inside.

"The mistakes we make here are nothing. Mistakes we make over there, there can be none," says Spc. Vasquez.

This is a drill they've been running over and over to be ready.

"We're leaving in about a month and were about 90 percent there," explains Vasquez. "The more we practice it, the better we get at it."

With the cargo they will be carrying, it's a job that demands perfection.



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