Aug 9, 2011 8:16 PM by Stephanie Collins

Training with aviation unit at Fort Carson

Fort Carson's aviation unit will deploy to Afghanistan in about six months. Soldiers from the 1st battalion, 2nd aviation regiment, 2nd Infantry Division, make up one part of the 25th combat aviation brigade out of Hawaii.

They train here because of the terrain and high altitude, "It's much different flying at higher altitude. Some of the mountains in Afghanistan exceed 10, 15 thousand feet," explains Major Lee Ambrose.

Hawaii doesn't have Apache helicopters so they deploy with the unit at Fort Carson to have that assistance, "Ensure that the convoy isn't attacked or to assist in defense when they are attacked," says Apache pilot Micah Howell.

In the air Howell protects troops on the ground, while his helicopter and it's weapons protect him. Over the weekend troops in a Chinook Helicopter were shot down in Afghanistan, "It doesn't change our training or our tactics at all," Howell says.

Along with apaches, the 25th CAB uses Blackhawks and Medevac choppers to accomplish their goal.

In the near future Fort Carson will have a combat aviation brigade. It will add about 2,700 new soldiers and 120 helicopters. Construction is expected so start next year and new soldiers will begin arriving in waves in 2013.



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