Jan 25, 2013 8:08 PM by Bill Folsom

Trashy situation along Colorado Springs roads

There is concern about an increased amount of litter on roads through Colorado Springs. The area with the most trash piling up is along I-25.

Driving by at 65, piece by piece, it may not look too bad, but it adds up to truck loads of litter. Managers at the nonprofit "Keep Colorado Springs Beautiful" have supervised trash clean-up efforts for 20 years now. This year is as bad as it has ever been. "Several years ago we could wait a couple of weeks before we went back to that eight mile section. Now it's in just two days, it's completely littered again," said Keep Colorado Spring Beautiful, Executive Director, Dee Cunningham. She says the amount of trash they are collecting from roadways is between 150 and 200 bags in less than a week.

Cunningham suspects that trucks hauling trash and debris are not using tarps over their loads. "It's a law. They have to cover their loads." She says there is also evidence at off-ramps of drivers tossing out cups, food wrappers and cigarette butts.



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