Jun 16, 2014 8:43 PM by Lena Howland

Tree falls on bus stop, injuring two

A massive tree took down a bus stop and pinned two people underneath on Sunday morning.

It happened on the corner of Colorado Avenue and 15th Street.

The two people injured were taken to the hospital but their condition is unknown at this time.

It was an older silver maple tree, one of many lining the streets of Old Colorado City.

"These trees are just, some of them have outlived their life and they've become hazard trees and so they decay, makes them weak and structurally, they fail," Tom Flynn, a local Arborist said.

Locals in the area have been concerned about the tree for some time.

"It was an older tree, something we've been concerned about to be honest with you, we've seen it," Shawn Hartman, a neighbor of the tree disaster said.

This neighbor was so concerned that his own landlord called the city a week ago to report the tree.

"We did place it on our work order list of inspections to go take a look at," Jay Hein, City Forester said.

But, it was only rated at moderate on their list of priorities.

"At the time, it was rated at moderate, so it was on our list. We probably would have gotten to it this week, but unfortunately we didn't make it that far," Hein said. 

Short staffing in the forestry department has left a much longer list of priorities.

"We don't have a lot of staff and so we're spread pretty thin and we get to them as quickly as we can and we prioritize those by the way that they're given to us," he said.

Local Arborists tell us it's always better to have someone come check out your trees if you notice a problem in your yard.

"There's a lot of homeowners trees too, so if you think you probably should have an Arborist come out and evaulate your trees, see what hazards you may have in your trees," Flynn said.

As for the bus stop on Colorado and 15th, it's already been replaced by the city's transit division.

"They got right on it, replaced the bench, wanted to make sure customers have somewhere to sit down when they're waiting for the bus," Vicki McCann, a spokeswoman for the city's transit division said.

If you see a problem with city trees or privately owned trees, you can report it to the city through their App called "GoCoSprings." You can take a picture of the issue and it will go directly to the forestry department.


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