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Sep 14, 2009 11:19 AM by Jamie Smith

Trend toward diaperless potty training catches on

Potty training. It's a rite of passage for every toddler -- but what if you didn't have to wait two or three years for your baby to ditch the diapers? A trend toward "diaper-free" babies is catching on -- and there are even classes on how to do it!

"I'm still fearful. I'm always constantly afraid," Pei Lee, a mother, said. Pei Lee and Paul Chang are the happy if not exhausted parents to Megan, Melissa, Matilda and Molly.

They decided to ditch diapers when firstborn Megan developed eczema and diaper rashes. "It was a little hard, but once you get to know their cues, it's almost intuitive," Paul Chang said.

With the birth of baby Molly two months ago, Paul and Pei turned to Willow Lune for a brush up on their diaper free techniques. Lune teaches two hour workshops showing parents what she learned during a tour of Asia.

Lune says start by observing your baby -- does she cry or wiggle when she has to go? Or you can use the clock, offering your baby a chance to go after naps or meals. "We do what we can when we can and that's good enough," Lee said.

"The first time you do it, it feels really great, and you feel like, 'Wow what an accomplishment and I can do this," Chang said.

Lune said it's never too late to start ... and you can use a diaper, preferably a cloth one, at night or when you're out ... she says her son was "potty independent" at 18 months. "He knew he had to go and would go by himself which was quite a shock at first to see my little boy toddling over and going to the potty and not saying anything to me," she said.

"I say just try it, you got nothing to lose, maybe a little bit more laundry at first," Chang said. "I tell you, it's wonderful, not cleaning poops, no baby wipes, no smelling the poops, it goes in the toilet, you flush it, it's done, that's the best," Lee said.

The 'bottom' line ... going diaperless should be fun and gentle ... for you and your baby.



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