Mar 18, 2014 5:44 PM by Matt Prichard

Tricky trash collection

The show must go on rings true for trash men on a windy Tuesday in Colorado Springs.

"We do the best job we can. You know I understand that when you have 40-mph winds, it blows halfway to Kansas. At the end of the day we do our best to get it cleaned up," said General Manager of Bestway Disposal, Judd Staton.

These high-winds kicked up in the early morning hours, making it tough for those that work outside. Just like trash collectors who are battling the elements. 

"As far as the cans we just make sure the lids are secured, tossing trash as fast as we can, continuously run the hopper so we don't have loose trash flying around," said one Bestway trash-collector.

But the trick is keeping the cans from blowing down the street, something that Bestway says can be prevented.

"Just making sure the cans are next to the garage. Ya know if there's a way to keep them out of the wind, so that it doesn't blow or tip over. Or it may be best to set it on its side, making sure that it doesn't roll down the street," said Staton.

And although it's a longer day those out in the field say speed and skill is what keeps the day moving.

"When it comes to speed, we can limit how long the day is. Spend two to three minutes at each stop, about five, six hundred stops....add the math, it's a long day," said one trash-collector.




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