Sep 25, 2013 7:35 PM

Truck plunges into the Arkansas River, dive crews respond

It was the catch of the day for Pueblo emergency crews today. They pulled a three ton pickup truck out of the Arkansas River at Kayak Park.

Chris Beurman, a Pueblo resident, saw the truck plunge into the water. At first, he didn't believe what he was seeing.

"All i seen was like a dark flash coming down the hill. Then, it hit the rocks and it was airborne." Beurman said his first reaction was to dive in after the truck. He was worried someone could have been inside. Instead, he reached to law enforcement. "I called dispatch and they thought i was kidding with them."

But crews quickly learned, it was no joke.

"In fire service, you never quite know what you're going to run into, and today brought one of those occurrences for us," Pueblo Fire spokesman Woody Percival said.

So, how did the black pick-up truck end up at the bottom of a river? Turns out, it rolled down the steep hill off Chappa Pl., plunged into the water, all because the owner forgot to put on his parking brake.

As part of standard operations, dive crews went into the water to make sure no one was in the truck. But the biggest obstacle of the day was getting the truck out of the river; it didn't go so swimmingly and it even drew a crowd.

"We're just really grateful that nobody was down here on nature trail or the Kayak Park as this happened," said Percival



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