Jul 9, 2010 10:37 PM by Matt Stafford

Trying to bring suspects back to Colorado

Since the body of little Genesis Sims was positively identified this week, events have been moving quickly. The suspects in the case, Monique Lynch and Hanif Sims remain in jail in Henderson, Nevada.

Even though they are behind bars, it could be some time before the two are back in El Paso County facing charges in the death of the child in Monument. Her body was discovered in May.

"We'd love to say, ‘hey they're in custody, we arrested them and we're going to bring them back right away'," says Lt. Lari Sevene with the El Paso County Sheriff's Department. "There are processes they have to go through and it is going to slow things up a little bit."

First off extradition and bringing the two back to Colorado for charges.

"Provided that they waive extradition, we feel that they'll be here in a couple of weeks," Sevene says.

If Sims and Lynch fight it, the process could take much longer.

Since being arrested, both now have child abuse resulting in death charges from El Paso County. Sims also has child abuse and assault charges with the Sheriff's Office, but Lynch is wanted elsewhere.

"She does have a warrant out of new jersey so we're just waiting to make a determination or to hear back from New Jersey on whether or not they're planning to extradite," Sevene explains.

New Jersey's warrant was filed first so they get to act first; possibly making things more difficult for El Paso County.

"We're hoping that they will do something different so that we don't have to wait for her to go back to New Jersey." The charge is for a probation violation, so they say it's a possibility.

In the mean time, El Paso County Sheriff's Deputies are staying in contact with New Jersey authorities.

"They're going to have a very clear understanding as to just how significant this case is," Lt. Sevene explains.

The next court appearance for Sims and Lynch is July 15th in Nevada.



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