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Aug 19, 2014 8:23 AM by Stephen Bowers

Tuesday Weather: More Mountain Thunder

Mountain showers become more numerous today, but even still they will not necessarily be widespread.

High-altitude cirrus clouds are increasing across Colorado. There are some light sporadic showers over western Colorado. Rain is more abundant over Utah and Arizona. We saw a similar pattern last week that led to some rain. This pattern will lead to rain, too. A low pressure trough over the Pacific Northwest will slide southeastward and nudge high pressure away from us. Moisture will flow in and deepen through the atmosphere today and tomorrow, leading to an increase in showers and thunderstorms on Thursday.

For today, expect mountain showers that spread out to the Palmer Divide. The farther north you are the better your odds of seeing some rain this afternoon. 7 AM to 10 AM is mostly cloudy with temperatures warming slowly into the 70's. At noon clouds are trying to break to allow some sun amid the clouds. Temperatures will be mostly in the 80's, though 70's are the story around Colorado Springs and areas north and west. Expect 80's and 90's from 2 PM to 5 PM with those showers in the mountains and up high on the Palmer Divide around Monument and the north side of Colorado Springs. The farther north or west you are, the higher your odds of seeing rain.

Tomorrow doesn't change a lot, though temperatures will take a bit of a drop off tomorrow. A few showers will form, but again they will be mainly confined to the mountains. Thursday could become a little stormy, but notice potential for rain exists every day in the next week. The question each day will be how the wind will interact with the terrain to bring about localized areas of rain. The overall trend in the next seven days is one that includes more clouds, more rain, and cooler temperatures.



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