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Nov 25, 2010 2:47 PM by Elaine Sheridan

Turkey can be trouble for dogs

Thanksgiving is a day when we love to stuff ourselves full of fabulous treats.

While this might be the plan for many, it is best to make sure the family dog doesn't do the same. Holiday treats can cause problems ranging from minor stomach upset to death.

Cooked turkey meat is not bad for dogs, but dogs will often get too much of a good thing, and that can cause tummy upset. Most importantly though is the other parts of the turkey that can actually be fatal, like bones.

Cooked bones splinter, especially poultry bones. Splintered bones can perforate a dog's intestines and that is often fatal.

Turkey skin and grease can also cause serious health issues. Turkey skin, grease and gravy are very fatty and that can cause Pancreatitis which can become a very serious medical condition that can cause chronic problems.

Cooking utensils also cause a lot of Thanksgiving emergency vet visits. Certain dogs will swallow anything that tastes like turkey. This includes roasting bags, bags full of giblets, skewers, strings, popup timers, oven mitts.. You get the idea.

These items can also cause blockages and intestinal perforations. If you have a large dog that gulps goodies, it might be best to clean up as you go or put the dog out or in a back room while you are preoccupied with putting on a dinner for a house full of guests.

Now dogs don't have to be totally left out. While cooking you can drop down an occasional healthy dog treat. You can also feed some turkey meat just make sure to dole out small amounts and adjust food accordingly during feeding time.




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