Nov 7, 2012 2:23 PM by Lacey Steele

Two cities still without gas service after pipeline breaks

A broken gas pipe leads to two whole cities without natural gas service.

We found out what it means for those who live and work in Walsenburg.

Eight miles south of Walsenburg, crews are hard at work trying to dig down to the broken pipeline.

After 47 years, the six-inch pipeline broke, but right now, they're not sure why.

With the crews fixing it, it's up to Walsenburg's mayor to keep everyone safe and informed.

"People of course are finding it a situation where they wish it wasn't happening, and of course it has affected and shut down Walsenburg schools today," said Mayor Larry Patrick of Walsenburg. "It's going to affect some of the businesses, restaurants and things like that."

Many restaurants we tried visiting were closed, and some of them even had signs in the window saying they would stay closed till gas service returned.

"Probably, the restaurants in town I'm sure are," said Gary Vigil, the Transportation Director for Walsenburg schools, who agreed many restaurants wouldn't be able to operate.

We found the Transportation Director as well as several other people at George's where propane is used to cook.

He says the schools have closed, but the kids aren't complaining.

"Oh they love it when there's no school," joked Vigil. "It's like a snow day but it's nice out."

In the meantime, all gas meters are off, and now they have to figure out what caused the break.

"The site there will be safe," said Mayor Patrick. "It's just a matter of the lost gas service that we have here in Walsenburg and of course in Aguilar where we also service them, and we're in hopes of getting service restored as soon as possible."

Many say they're ready for a warm shower after cold water this morning.

Gas could be restored tonight, or it may be tomorrow.

Mayor Patrick says they're trying to keep two of their Facebook pages updated with the latest information.

Click here to visit his page, or click here for more updates.


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