Jul 22, 2014 9:06 PM by Greg Dingrando

UCCS builds parking garage/roof top soccer field

COLORADO SPRINGS - A $23-million project is nearly complete at UCCS that will help the campus tackle two issues at once.

If you've ever been on the UCCS campus you've probably run into parking problems.

"There's times where you have to drive around 20 minutes to find parking." said UCCS grad student Miechia Taylor.

It's something that's only gotten worse over the years as UCCS continues to grow.

"We've experienced a 35% increase in enrollment in the past 10 years so as we become larger it's important to look at parking and continue to add parking as needed." said Jim Spice, with UCCS Parking and Transportation.

But adding spots wasn't exactly easy because of where UCCS is located. With steep hills and nearby rocks, it's only option was to build up instead of out, with a new parking garage that will add 1,200 new spots.

"UCCS is topography challenged. We have a lot of land but its not all buildable so when it comes to parking it's important to use space as efficiently as possible." said Spice.

The same is true for athletic space. So when they couldn't find any they just decided to build some right on top of the garage.

"Both soccer, lacrosse, and parking all need flat space. So it's really a win win to have parking and the field in same location." said Spice.

The top section will be covered in field turf and is large enough for two fields and several seating areas.

Students we spoke with said they can't wait. Some were excited about the extra parking spots and others for the new field.

"It's a huge building. I've never seen anything like this so everybody is going to come and play. We're going to have good matches," said UCCS student, Luis Santos.

And they'll be having those good matches with one of the best views in town.

The designers did factor in future expansion, meaning there will be plenty of spots available once it's done and on into the future.

As for the field, you might be wondering about soccer balls flying off the roof. They'll have 15 foot nets around the field so we shouldn't have balls bouncing down Austin Bluffs.

They still have a lot of work to do, but they hope to have it done by the beginning of school in late August.



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